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Autor Tema: [Resuelto] Black Ops II - Tranzit | Minecraft | Full Mechanics | By Axeh99  (Leído 559 veces)

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Noviembre 27, 2016, 07:25:57 pm


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Call Of Duty - Black Ops II - Tranzit


This map is a version of the Tranzit map in Black Ops II.

Your objective is to survive the most waves you can. The higher wave the harder it is. You must explore the whole map to survive advanced waves.



From the Mystery Box:
AK - 47 (Bow / Ranged)
Barret M82A1 (Bow / Ranged)
S12 (Sword / Melee)
Chicom CQB (Bow / Ranged)
Uzi (Sword / Melee)
SCAR-H (Bow / Ranged)
Regminton New Model (Sword / Melee)
Galil (Bow / Ranged)
FAL (Bow / Ranged)
RPD (Bow / Ranged)
RPG Shoot arrows to the floor to make it work.
Ray Gun Shoot arrows to the floor to make it work.
Grenades Press "Q" to drop the item. Then, it will explode.
Light Grenades Press "Q" to drop the item. It will paralyze all zombies in a 5 block radius.

From the walls:
MK14 (Bow / Ranged)
Olympia (Sword / Melee)
M16A1 (Bow / Ranged)
SPAS 12 (Sword / Melee)
AK74U (Bow / Ranged)
R870 (Sword / Melee)
+1 Rocket + 1 RPG ammo for $ 200 (Recommended in high rounds)

From Pack a Punch:
Dystopic Demolisher (Bow / Ranged)
Call of Dead (Sword / Melee)

From the Electric Tower:
> Demonic Scourge < (Sword / Melee) $ 10.000

Juggernog: Resistance II (40% less damage)
Quick-Movement: Speed I
Speed Cola: No Cooldown (For Melee)
Double Tap: Strenght II
Fire Cola: Fire Resistance

Mystery Box:

Aviable in the dinner area with a cost of $ 950. In order to pick a weapon press the sign and click the chat if you want the weapon.

Pack a Punch
Upgrades your weapon. It costs $ 5.000 and it is located down the city inside the bank. You must blow up the door with a grenade and place a turbine in the power station. Then the door will open.
Press in the chat the type of weapon you want to upgrade.

Crafting table and pieces:

Turbine: Available at the bus station. Its used to open doors and power perks but does not attract any zombie.
Shield: Craftable at the dinner. Just a simple shield. Allows you to throw grenades very close without damage.
Turret: You can craft it at the farm. It kills zombies with 2 shots in round 20.
Lever: Turns on the power at the power station.
Powered Anvil: The most powerfull weapon that can help you in mortal situations. The pieces are in the same location as in Black Ops II.
Find all pieces and drop them on the crafting tables.

Random drops:
Instant Kill: One punch, one kill.
Nuclear Bomb: Kills all zombies and gives everybody $ 400.
Double Points: You will recieve $ 150 instead of $ 75.

You will be affected by blindness as a "fog" in the same areas as BO2. There is not a minimonster but there will be a similar scary noise.


You can open doors by clicking the signs and paying the amount required.

There wil be a bus driving across the map. You can use it by clicking in the sign inside it. It will leave until 3 minutes.

You will have access to the bus ladder wich can also be place at the dinner to reach the top part.
You are free to survive any way you want. Of course don't cheat.
* If you want to see some images of the map, watch the trailer above.

If playing in a server or even in singleplayer (less frecuently) some mechanisms may stop. If something is not working (Random box, random drops, the bus...) reset the save of the map.
As I have seen, in 1.10 there is some lag related to entitys. Sorry if the map is a little big laggy.
Download Link:

Press here or copy the link:
http://www.mediafire.com/file/67h8u1w6ebxl22a/Black Ops II - Tranzit.rar

Please report any issue if possible.

From now, as the map is and Alpha, it only has 20 waves. It is hard to reach the wave 20, but if you do it, comment in the forum and I will increase the ammount of rounds. Thanks a lot for playing.


Linkback: http://minecraftmin.net/index.php?topic=13975.0

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Primero de todo, el post debería estar en español ya que que el foro es Hispano.

Y segundo, me gustaría ver imágenes.

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