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Banner Wars
Created by:
Developing time: 1 Month.

۩ Version and Multiplayer.

This map was created in 1.9 and it has been created for multiplayer. There are four available teams but you may play it with your friend in a 1 vs 1 as well.

۩ The Map.

This is like a normal Egg Wars map. The main difference is that you don't break an egg, instead, you break a banner.

The map has a RESET in order to play it as times as you want without having to change the save.

In the Lobby you will find:

> Play Button (After having chosen team)

> Chose Team Button (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

> Settings Button (Tool to start with, day time, diamonds allowed)

> Parkour.


In the game, you will find three villagers that sell you usefull items. To buy them you must get minerals by breaking with your pickaxe the ores in your island and diamonds in the center. You can also upgrade the dispensers by right clicking on the sign while having 35 ingots of the required material. If you upgrade you won't have to break ores yourself, instead, they will be dropped constantly.

۩ Objective.

The objective is to defeat the other teams. In order to do this you must break the team's banner. What this banner does is to make possible the respawn. If you break it, the players in that team won't be able to respawn again. It works exactly as an Egg Wars.

۩ Screenshots.

۩ Rules.

- Don use commands to make you win.
- Do not break any block except ores and banners. This is due to the reset, that doesn't cover broken blocks.
- You may place blocks wherever you want.
- It must be played in a 1.9 server.

۩ Tips and strategies.


1. Be as fast as you can.
2. Study every villager before starting
3. Use the terrain to make them fall.
4. Defend your island with barriers.
5. Use potions to improve your attack.


1. Get an iron pickaxe and blocks and get diamonds as fast as you can.
2. Wait until you have 3 or more emergency armors.
3. Upgrade the dispensers before leaving the island.
4. Use only iron and diamond tools.

۩ Bugs.

As it was imposible to me to testfor if a team wins, what i did is to send a message to a team that is completly death and ask if you want to go to lobby and reset the game.

If there are more teams alive, don't press the message or you will finish the game before having a winner.

Press here to download the map (or copy the link)

Thanks for playing :D. Hope you enjoy

BetaTester: AxEh_esp

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